Explore Zombie Wood

What's in store? You can expect thrills, chills, and maybe the odd fresh kill...

A purpose-built zombie theme park where you can observe the living dead in a 'natural' habitat...what could possibly go wrong?

Zombie Lounge -  Where the undead go to rest their weary bones

The Range - Great for a bit of target practice with A-list zombies.

Wormhole - Less worms and more snakes. Zombies love snakes.

Dying Room - A zombie has to have some entertainment

The Cage - Our most violent specimens must be restrained.

The Graveyard - Where fresh specimens are captured and tagged.

Live-action horror zombie experience in Somerset

Zombie Lounge

Where our least threatening specimens are allowed
to socialise and interact with one another...and you.

The Wormhole

Some of our captive zombies are allowed to keep pets...

The Range

Where the heads of unruly zombies are kept and used for target practice.

Dying Room

Even the walking dead love to watch a bit of TV...

The Cage

For the most aggressive specimens, full restraints are necessary.

The Graveyard

Where the dead can rise to be captured in a safe, secluded location, away from major population centres.

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