Be a zombie

Zombie Wood

Join the ranks of the undead

A remote woodland in Somerset overrun by the living dead for a unique live-action zombie experience event!

Be a Zombie!

Want to be a zombie actor? Sign up below to join our horde of the undead! Zombies must arrive well before the game start (5.45pm each evening) for briefing & additional makeup/costume-ing and will be leaving around half an hour after the end of the game (~7.30PM). It is not necessary to commit to all of the days, however we would like to keep as much of the same cast as possible throughout the event.

The Zombie Code

Zombies will:

✔-Be over 18 human years of age on the date of infection
✔-Wear shabby clothes which we can expect to be trashed by the end of the 6 days, if not sooner
✔-Arrive at/by 5PM
✔-Remain in character from a few minutes before game start (5.45PM) until the end of the game (~7PM) and can expect to leave around 7.30PM

will not:
X-Break character during the game
X-Have mobile phones in their pocket

Zombies could/should:
✔-Bring along full costume/makeup. We do have some supplies including makeup & costumes for additional effects but these will be limited!
✔-Have their own transport to the site. Castle Cary train station is our nearest public transport connection, approx a 5-10 minute drive/taxi.
✔-Watch at least one 'slow zombie' movie to get into character - we recommend the original Dawn of the Dead from 1978.
✔-Tell their friends to come along to be victims of their slaughter
Sign up to be a zombie:

I am available to arrive on site by 5.45pm and depart around 8.30pm on the following evenings:

PLEASE NOTE: Not suitable for children under 12, pregnant women or persons with heart conditions or other sensitivities.
PLEASE NOTE: The woods are not accessible by pushchairs, wheelchairs or mobility vehicles.
The experience may involve any or all of the following: horror, mild language, simulated peril, obstacles & gross-out interaction.
Do be aware that the woodland is the natural living environment of creatures including insects, midges, moths etc

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