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Zombie Wood 2019

Horror-themed live-action game with an undead twist

Interactive zombie experience set in a remote woodland.

Ticket prices are per person regardless of age, zombies place no distinction on the value of human lives - they find adults & children equally delicious.

Our zombies will, however, accept concessions for more brains - adults with children and groups of 6 or more will receive a special concession rate.

Zombie Wood
Halloween 2019
Dates TBC

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PLEASE NOTE: Not suitable for children under 12, pregnant women or persons with heart conditions or other sensitivities.
PLEASE NOTE: The woods are not accessible by pushchairs, wheelchairs or mobility vehicles.
The experience may involve any or all of the following: horror, mild language, simulated peril, obstacles & gross-out interaction.
Do be aware that the woodland is the natural living environment of creatures including insects, midges, moths etc

Perilous zombie encounters and interactive gross-out elements await; climb through narrow tunnels, grope for treasure and avoid infection by the zombies, who are there to ensure your path through Zombie Wood will not be simple!

Like a video game come to life with real-life 'zombies' to avoid, treasure chests to loot and 'lives' to lose during your adventure with plenty of jump-scares and spooky ambience straight from a horror movie along the way.


near Sparkford, Somerset


~24th - 31st October 2019


19:00 - 20:15


Be a Zombie!

Always wanted to be a zombie actor? Sign up to join our team of the undead! It is not necessary to commit to all of the event days, however we would like to keep as much of the same cast as possible throughout - we will throw a party for all zombies & attendees on Halloween night after the game ends (party from 8.30pm - 10pm) and zombie actors will receive free drinks, delicious brains & VIP treatment as a thank you for participating.

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