Zombie Wood

Horror-themed live-action group scare events

Unique interactive zombie experience set in a remote woodland.

For the bold, a close-up encounter with real-life zombies is a thrill not to be missed.

Here at our purpose-built facility in a secluded location in Somerset we house some of the most gruesome undead specimens in a low-security environment where the public can get up-close and personal with these ghouls in a 'natural' setting.

You may have heard harrowing tales of security incidents that have occurred at the compound in the past, however we assure you that t
he specimens rarely escape when there are victims...visitors with us. Securing your lives is our highest priority.

In the unlikely event of a security breach during your visit, you can be sure that our team will do everything possible to prevent you from coming to mortal harm.

Groups of 26 - 30

From £15.00 - £17.30 per person

Groups of 21 - 25

From £16.00 - £19.05 per person

Groups of 16-20

From £18.75 - £23.44 per person

Groups of 10-15

From £20.00 - £30.00 per person

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PLEASE NOTE: Not suitable for children under 12, women during any stage of pregnancy, persons with heart conditions or other sensitivities.
PLEASE NOTE: The woods are not accessible by pushchairs, wheelchairs or mobility vehicles.
The experience may involve any or all of the following: horror, mild language, simulated peril, obstacles & gross-out interaction.
Do be aware that the event is held outdoors in woodland which is the natural living environment of creatures including insects, midges, moths etc

Perilous zombie encounters and interactive gross-out elements await; navigate the maze, grope for treasure and avoid infection by the zombies, who ensure your path through Zombie Wood will not be simple!

Like a video game come to life with real-life 'zombies' to avoid, treasure chests to loot and 'lives' to lose during your adventure with plenty of jump-scares and spooky ambience straight from a horror movie along the way.


near Sparkford, Somerset


17:45 - 19:00



Be a Zombie!

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