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Zombie Wood

It is vital that you read all of the information on this page when booking your tickets.

Event Information

Due to the nature of the event, your participation involves a number of hazards, risks, and safety concerns. As the safety of all our participants is our highest priority, we have taken care to consider all aspects of risks inherent in the format of the event. In addition to the points below there will also be a safety briefing for all participants each evening before the game begins. For your safety it is important that you give your full attention to the safety briefing given on the day and examine all of the points below.

Darkness: Zombie Wood events will be held from 17:45 - 19:00 during November & December, as the event is held outdoors, it will be dark. We will be providing smalltorches for use during the game, solar spotlights and other low-powered light sources illuminate important elements within the game area.

It is important to wear warm clothes as it will be cold and as we are in Britain, it will probably be raining. The site is likely to be muddy. We recommend dressing to kill in layers of clothes that you would not miss if they were to be un-salvageable by the end of your experience.

Pathways: There is to be no running anywhere on the site. As our setting is a natural woodland, some pathways will be uneven and it is important to take care at all times and not run. As above, the site is likely to be muddy, we recommend sturdy shoes with good grip, walking boots or wellies. Zombies may run a little off the path to catch up to you however once on path they will be slow-moving.

Medical Conditions:
Zombie Wood is not suitable for ladies at any stage of pregnancy, anyone with a heart condition or other illnesses that may be affected by spending time outside in the cold. Due to the terrain, it is with regret that Zombie Wood is not accessible with pushchairs, mobility vehicles or wheelchairs.

Mobile phones: Electronic devices are likely to be destroyed by the weather conditions/blood spraying, as the event is semi-active (as previously detailed there is to be no running) however you may wish to crouch, crawl and creep your way through the game, for this reason we do not recommend bringing your device into the game.

Photography/Video: Photography & video is not permitted within the game area. As above, your device is likely to be inadvertently destroyed anyway. There will be an area to leave your device in our secure area however the car park is attended and may be more convenient for such storage.

 Our zombies are of the slow variety, however you will still not want to get close to them! When on the path our actors will pursue you at slow pace and your task is to loot for treasure and get out of there before the zombies "get" you. The actors will not deliberately grab, grope, hold, hit or otherwise physically attack you, they may however graze you with their cold, dead hands as they remove one of your life tags. In return, you are to respect the actors at all times and deliberately touch, grab or grope them, throw anything at them or otherwise cause them harm.

Scary Things: There will be a number of things throughout the wood, not least our actors, designed to scare and unsettle you. By purchasing a ticket, you understand that this is the nature of the event and you agree to be placed in such an environment for entertainment purposes.

Fake Blood: Some of our zombies may wield water pistols containing fake blood. Zombies are not very good at using weapons and they will only shoot you from the waist down. The chemical information for all the props used in the game which you may come into contact with are available on request. Please let us know if you have any allergies to common types of horror make-up including fake blood and we will do our best to help.

Gross Things:
The game may involve some messy elements such as rummaging around amongst "bloody" items with your hands and digging up "bodies" or "body parts" with a spade. We recommend bringing cleansing items such as wet wipes and on muddy events, a complete change of clothes may be preferred for your journey home.

Ticket Information

Tickets are valid only for the day for which they are booked, all tickets are non-refundable and non-transferable. To save everyone the burden of postage costs, tickets will be available to collect on arrival. Numbers are strictly limited on event nights and Southwest Events reserves the right to cancel, amend or otherwise change the details of your booked event.  In the unlikely occurrence that the event must be cancelled or postponed for reasons outside of the control of Southwest Events there will be the option to refund.

Location Information

The location of Zombie Wood is a secret however we can divulge that it is approximately 10 minutes drive from Sparkford in Somerset. We will inform you of the precise location via SMS by 1PM on the day of your booked event. Ensure that we have your mobile number and that it is correct. Public transport information is available on request. Those who have received the location information will not share, particularly on social media, publicly, privately, or otherwise, such information to anyone who does not hold a ticket for the event.

TL;DR? We thought so. Here are the main points summarised IN CAPS so you can't miss them:




Can I dress as a zombie if I'm playing the game? You can dress however you like, however we recommend wrapping up warm in clothes you wouldn't mind if they got muddy, bloody or drenched.

Can I bring my phone/camera into the game area? Such devices are not permitted as they are likely to be inadvertently destroyed by the outdoor environment, mud, rain, and/or fake blood. Secondly, we wish to maintain an air of mystery around the set for future guests.

Can I bring my children? Children (persons under 18 years of age) are welcome to attend with a responsible adult. We do not recommend the experience for children under 12 years.

Where is Zombie Wood? 
We will provide the exact location by 1PM on the day you will be attending, we can reveal that the secret woodland location is within approximately a ten minute drive of the village of Sparkford in Somerset.

Are there toilets on the site?
 Yes there are toilets provided in the car park area.

What time does the game begin?
 The game will begin with your safety briefing at 17:45, which segues into the beginning of your experience. We recommend aiming to arrive around 17:30 to allow yourself time to have a cup of tea before we begin.

What do we do when we arrive? 
Upon arrival you will continue through the main gate slowly down the drive to the car park, where you will be ushered into a spot by our attendant and shown to the tea shop where we will begin the adventure.

How much are items at the tea tent?
 Cups of tea & instant coffee will be available from 50p, cans of soft drinks from £1.00.

What if I find it all too scary? In case you become too unsettled, the game area is a one-way system so you can always make your way carefully back to the entrance and we will extract you. Zombies will not disturb anyone travelling back to the entrance.

What ingredients are contained in the make-up/fake blood?
 Detailed  allergen/chemical information for everything you may come into contact with can be produced on request, please contact us directly if you have any concerns about allergies to fake blood.

I have read all of the above, how do I book my tickets?

Thank you for taking the time to familiarise yourself with the important information. To book your tickets simply complete the form on our booking page and we will email you a PayPal invoice for your tickets which you can pay instantly using a payment method of your choice.

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