Zombie Wood

Live-action horror experience in Somerset

Few things are spookier than the woods in the dark - a remote woodland is home to caged specimens of the living dead for the public to get up close and personal!

In this unique setting the traditional fright night concept is expanded to combine the thrill of a ghost hunt with perilous zombie encounters and interactive gross-out elements; wind your way through narrow paths, search for treats and avoid infection by the zombies, who are there to ensure your path to escape will not be simple!

Expect real-life 'zombies' to avoid, treasure chests to loot, jump-scares and 'lives' to lose during your adventure.

Seasonal additions include Zombie Santa in his grotty grotto, undead reindeer, seasonal treats and much more!

Organised brains are apparently the most delicious - advance bookings are rewarded with early wave rates.


near Sparkford, Somerset




Our excellent actors are just one of the elements that bring the experience to life, with dozens signed up to join the fun!


Root through the "goo" to find treats! Looting your way to survival will mean someone getting their hands bloody.


Great prizes stashed in the game plus unique perks that can give you the upper hand in play!

zombie Café

Enjoy soft drinks or a hot chocolate, tea or coffee after the games with refreshments from just 50p at the Zombie Café

Burgers, pizzas, Pies & More

Our local artisan kitchen is taking food orders for delivery on event nights, booking essential as all meals are freshly made to order.

Quirky Gift Shop

Get your hands on exclusive merchandise and great gifts in the spooky gift shop!


Who is alive? Who is undead? Who is just dead? It will be pitch-dark and you will only have a small torch between two...

Devastating upgrades

Additional 'firepower' and extra lives are available on the way in so you can be fully prepared for your zombie encounters.

Unique Set Design

To navigate through our one-of-a-kind horror maze, you'll have to creep, crouch & even dig!

The experience may involve any or all of the following: darkness, horror, mild language, simulated peril, obstacles & gross-out interaction.
PLEASE NOTE: Not suitable for children under 12, ladies during pregnancy or persons with heart conditions or other sensitivities to fright.
PLEASE NOTE: It is with regret that Zombie Wood is not accessible with pushchairs, wheelchairs or mobility vehicles.

The Wood

Zombie experience event set in desolate woodland in Somerset
Caution tape lines your pathway through Zombie Wood
Live-action zombie experience in the woods in Somerset

Be a Zombie!

Always wanted to be a zombie actor? Sign up to join our horde of the undead!

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